Service and Usage Agreement

Service and Usage Agreement

1: Parties

1.1: The services specified in the service contract services division (referred to as Services) providing LOGIC BILISIM with new customer registration forms person / institution (referred to as Customer) LOGIC BILISIM which belongs to www. The use of the website ( referred to as MANTIK BILISIM ) operating on the web address logicbilisim .com and the services to be purchased through this site will be deemed to have been signed under the terms and conditions stated below.

1.2: The parties declare, accept and undertake the accuracy of the information written on this service contract.

2: Subject

2.1: This service contract will regulate the fees to be paid to MANTIK BILISIM in return for the services that the Customer will receive in accordance with the information given in the transactions, orders, messages and registration process on the site, and not to do, in their orders . These service and transaction disclosures are as follows.

2.2: Membership information is the information entered by the Customer during membership. Since this information will be based on the transactions made, it is assumed that the customer and the member have entered this information completely and correctly.

3: Responsibilities

3.1: LOGIC I BILISIM , in order upon the customer's request will provide transmission services. With the acceptance message of the order, MANTIK BILISIM will accept that it has charged the relevant fee and will undertake to provide the service specified in the order in question. However, whether to continue the service of the Customer or not LOGIC BILISIM . at the disposal of. LOGICAL SCIENCE . It has the right to unilaterally terminate its service at any time. In case of unilateral service termination, the remaining service time that the customer does not receive is calculated and the refund is made by MANTIK BILISIM .

3.2: Payment method, VAT differences will be specified with the total amount to be deducted during the order and the fees that the customer has to pay according to the monthly or annual payment preferences will be notified by MANTIK BILISIM .

3.3: After the approval of the order acceptance and processing LOGIC I BILISIM , control panel for service in customer order details, FTP, SQL , and e-mail user name and password that will transmit to Customer, and will be started service. The responsibility of the relevant accounts and passwords is the responsibility of the Customer, and the Customer will be responsible for any loss or damage that may arise from these issues.

3.4: The customer undertakes to comply with the statements and warnings received by MANTIK BILISIM within the service received. Customer hosting (hosting) account benefiting from the LOGIC BILISIM issued by any declaration or notification to comply with the warning, acceptance and commitment. The customer may not distribute or sell the services provided to him free of charge and unlimitedly in the possession service he has received, either paid or free and / or limited or unlimited to third parties.

3.5: The customer undertakes not to access files or programs that do not have the right to access by using the software and programs it has within the service, not to cause any problems due to such a problem, and to compensate for the problems and problems that may occur.

3.6: MANTIK BILISIM is not responsible for possible mistakes, electronic attack, spam (SPAM), publications against Turkish laws, publications and contents contrary to general morality. In addition, MANTIK BILISIM is not liable for the losses that may occur due to these reasons, and reserves the right to demand its own possible damages and losses from the customer. The customer agrees and undertakes to compensate for the damages arising from knowingly or unknowingly misconduct previously stated in this contract . MANTIK BILISIM reserves all kinds of legal rights in such cases. MANTIK BILISIM reserves the right to close, suspend , or delete the account of its customers who (knowingly or unwillingly) such illegal acts and acts without refund .

3.7: Accept and undertake that he / she is responsible for all the transactions that he / she will use and will benefit from all files, documents and programs hosted within the customer service, web site and e-mail services, and to meet all legal and criminal liability that may arise from the illegality of such data, information and declarations. does. No fault can be conveyed to LOGIC BILISIM from the problems that may arise in this regard . MANTIK BILISIM does not review, verify, endorse or take any responsibility for user-made pages before they are submitted. LOGIC BILISIM may terminate user accounts for violating these guidelines or for any other reason or because it believes that LOGIC BILISIM is harmful to its own business or to any of its users. Since MANTIK BILISIM learns about acts and actions that are against the law, it has the right to delete the Customer account and the files on the servers without informing the Customer.

3.8: LOGIC BILISIM can not be held responsible for any material or moral damages that may arise from the misuse of the Customer data in the service it provides, the data contents, and all data used by e-mail. The backup and storage obligations of this data belong to the Customer. LOGIC INFORMATION All data of the customer will be regularly backed up and maintained on a server basis, not individual. In spite of LOGIC BILISIM services in the errors that may occur due to interruption or data loss that may occur, the damage and loss LOGIC BILISIM is not responsible. Backup of data is the responsibility of the Customer, unless otherwise stated in the contract.

3.9: LOGIC INFORMATION It does not provide technical support in hosting services such as gifts, trials, sponsors , and in the same way, it does not provide backup services and the backup process must be done by the user.

3.10: LOGIC BILISIM In the sponsorship service it offers, within the first 3 days, the user has requested to publish the Interest Hosting logo on the website in a visible place on the main page , and the users who want to benefit from the sponsor service are deemed to have accepted this request. Sponsorship service will be terminated even though the requested transactions are not carried out.

3.11: LOGIC I BILISIM , the order was placed by the customer and payment will be conducting domain name registration procedures were carried out without problems. The owner of the domain name that is registered and paid for with the registration request accepted with the order is the customer. MANTIK BILISIM will be able to operate on the domain name in line with the demands of the Customer. It will make an arrangement, change and transfer requests on the domain name by the customer as soon as possible.

3.12: MANTIK BILISIM reserves the right to stop the Customer sites when it is detected that they have exhausting and damaging effects on the server systems.

3.13: It is forbidden for sub-dealer customers to make trial account style applications on LOGIC BILISIM servers.

3:14: LOGIC I BILISIM purchased through any of a service fee or free redistribution is prohibited.

3.15: LOGIC BILISIM Turkey is forbidden to have any kind of illegal content and files on the server.

4: Duration

4.1: With the transmission of this contract order and payment transactions from the internet to LOGIC BILISIM , the rights and obligations of the parties begin.

4.2: The contract period is the payment period selected by the customer during the order for the relevant service.

4.3: If the parties have not warned that the contract will expire at the end of the contract until 10 business days before the expiration of the contract , the contract will be extended by the same terms and conditions as the previous contract period (changes in the matter of wages are reserved).

5: Fee

5.1: The fee to be paid for the services specified in this contract is the amount specified during the order process. It is calculated by including VAT later on the specified fees and the collection is made by showing it to the Customer. CPU and ram usage are within limits. In case of exceeding the limit, the Customer is billed.

5.2: LOGIC BILISIM reserves the right to make changes on prices and tariffs prospectively without prior notice. The customer accepts, declares and undertakes any changes that may occur in these changes.

5.3: Wage bill in the history of the Republic of Turkey Central Bank of the effective exchange rate to be paid by turning over Turkish Liras.

5.4: From the date of charge invoice until the end of 5 (five) business days, if there is a credit card payment order during the order process, the customer is obliged to pay by hand to the bank account numbers specified in the contact address or to MANTIK BILISIM if there is no credit card payment order. .

5.5: In case of delay in payment, MANTIK BILISIM reserves the right to issue exchange rate difference invoices.

5.6: LOGIC I BILISIM , customer payment until you have completed the process of closing related services, reserves the right opening.

6: Suspension

6.1: avoid problems relating to payment, the customer who ordered to pay by credit card authorization issues or provisions and liabilities due to related article LOGIC I BILISIM , all of the customer service provided, e-mail, web, and reserves the right to stop all of the ftp account.

6.2: During the continuation of this situation, e-mail, web, ftp access cannot be made on behalf of the Customer and e-mail accounts are blocked and incoming e-mails are rejected.

6.3: LOGIC has the right to suspend the service without informing the user when it determines the limited or unlimited hosting services it provides, storing the hosting space and using it as a pinterest -oriented .

7: Termination

7.1: Customer job this service contract on the not fulfill their responsibilities and commitments of acting contrary to any substance or business front this agreement if the determination of whether the information is correct declared, if it continues much take form in 7 days, suspend the contract mentioned above, LOGIC BILISIM no It has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally without the need for warning or notice.

7.2: After such termination, the Customer; It declares, accepts and undertakes that it will not be able to reclaim the last contract fee it has paid regardless of the remaining period, and to pay 5 times the commercial penalty compensation of the equivalent contract price in effect on the date of termination.

7.3: The customer has the right to terminate this contract at the end of the term, provided that the contract is notified in writing 10 days before the end of the contract for the normal period without any justification.

7.4: In the event that the contract is terminated by the Customer before the expiration date, it declares, accepts and undertakes to pay 1/2 of the fees to be paid until the end of the contract in full and in cash.

8: Contact and Information Addresses

8.1: The parties have accepted, declared and committed the postal addresses specified in the order address as their legal residence for any notification arising from the contract .

8.2: Any notices made to these addresses will be deemed to have been served even if they do not reach the parties. Unless the changes of these addresses are notified to the other party in writing, the old addresses will be valid.

8.3: MANTIK BILISIM may send a message, information, letter, warning, payment notification, account movement schedule, account statement to the e-mail address allocated to the Customer within the contract period in accordance with the service contract. The customer cannot claim that the said electronic messages are not received or not delivered to him, and declares, accepts and undertakes that such messages will be deemed to have been legally served 1 day after the date they are sent.

9: Default in Payment of Fee

9.1: If the customer does not pay for the services received within 7 days following the application date, it is deemed to be in default. In this case, MANTIK BILISIM may issue an exchange rate difference invoice or if it wishes, it may request a monthly 5% default interest from the invoice date. The customer declares and accepts to pay this delay interest and exchange difference invoice.

9.2: In the event that MANTIK BILISIM opens a lawsuit or execution proceedings for any receivables arising out of this service contract, the customer has a monthly 5% default interest, 20% penalty of the remaining debt amount, 10 % Attorneyship Fee and all other legal expenses. declares, accepts and undertakes the payment.

9.3: If the customer applies to legal authorities for Prudential Seizure and Preliminary injunction for the collection of his / her receivables arising from this service contract, MANTIK BILISIM is authorized to take the decision of Prudential Seizure and Preliminary Precautionary injunction. and declares, accepts and undertakes that all fees will be paid by them and that they will not make any objections to these issues.

10: Refund and Cancellation of Service

10.1: The customer can request to cancel the hosting order he / she has placed within 15 days as per the service contract, unconditionally and without any reason, and to receive a refund for the fee paid. In line with this request, the fee paid to the customer is refunded within 30 working days. Non-cancellable service items such as Domain Name Registration, SSL Security Certificates, Server and Other Institution Fees, Received License Services are not refunded. If there are such services in the customer's order , a refund is made for the deductions of the determined amounts . The repayment is made in the same way with which channel the customer paid. ( Ex : Transactions made by credit card are refunded to the card that made the transaction.)

10.2: If the customer is deprived of the services received by MANTIK BILISIM for 15 (fifteen) days with a hundred percent defect ( excluding interruptions, natural disasters and force majeure arising from Türk Telekom ), he can demand a refund. In line with this request, the fee paid to the customer is refunded within 30 working days, deducting the months used for the service. LOGICAL SCIENCE . ' s records and minutes are the only document to be used in the detection of defects, if any. Documents of third parties or institutions from outside LOGIC BILISIM . is not recognized by .

10.3: If the customer makes comments, speeches, words, slogans and similar allegations that will damage the image of LOGIC BILISIM for unfair reasons in virtual or real environment, the right to cancel and delete the service received and not to provide service again is reserved at MANTIK BILISIM .

10.4: the customer purchased the services are exposed to attack for any reason and LOGIC BILISIM complicate out of being served or impossible if makes, LOGIC BILISIM to cancel the service and reserves the right to payments of back pay.

10.5: LOGIC BILISIM can combine some of its services and present it as a package product or campaign. In the event that additional "Domain Name Registration, SSL, Static IP, Live Support Module, Installation Service, Various Gifts Given Within The Campaign Product" services are offered in the campaign package, the Domain name registration service fee offered in the package in the service return transaction, SSL Certificate fee, Static IP The fee for the Live Support Module, the Installation Service Fee, the Gift Fees Given in the Campaign Product are not included in the refund amount.

10.6: In the physical and virtual server services provided by LOGIC BILISIM , the payment day is the last day and the server services are stopped when the payment is not made, and if the payment is not received for 12 hours after the payment date, the server services are deleted.

11: Fair Use Right

11.1: UNLIMITED, UNLIMITED sales, which are provided to the customer, mean that no limit is set to the user in the package sold. However, this phrase does not mean that the customer can consume unlimited resources. Even if the resources provided to the customer are unlimited, the maximum capacity of the server or system is 5 % . The customer can use it in a way that does not prevent the rights of other users on the same server or system. If a non-fair use situation is determined, LOGIC BILISIM . service stop, cancel, delete, and has the right to refuse service.

11.2: LOGIC INFORMATION The limit of the Fair Use right and how much it is available . determines . LOGICAL SCIENCE . It has the right to decrease or increase the limits as it wishes.

11.3: A separate FILE (INODE) ​​limit is applied to each package in Hosting and Reseller Hosting sales with the UNLIMITED label provided to the customer . LOGICAL SCIENCE . It has the right to decrease or increase the limits as it wishes.

12: Competent Courts and Enforcement Offices

12.1: This service consists of 12 articles and sub-headings on the contract, and it has been read and signed by the parties (signing is deemed to be realized by sending the order to LOGIC BILISIM on the internet ). LOGICAL INFORMATION can add or remove new items and / or subtitles or make changes on the items if it deems necessary. The customer declares and undertakes to accept these changes in advance.

12.2: Istanbul Courts and Execution Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise during the implementation of this service contract.

All registered users are deemed to have read and accepted our Service Agreement and accordingly our Service Policies.